London-based artists Hsiao-Chi Tsai (b.1981, Taiwan) and Kimiya Yoshikawa (b.1980, Japan) first debuted on the international stage in 2007 when the duo were commissioned to create a spectacular sequence of seven large-scale window displays for the Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge, London.

Since, they have undertaken numerous commissions, projects and exhibitions in Europe and South East Asia. Most prominently ‘The Lion’, a three meter high permanent sculpture unveiled in 2009 in the heart of London’s Chinatown. This public art piece, inspired by the historical identity of the site was chosen and subsequently one of four works recognised for the prestigious Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture in the same year.

Tsai and Yoshikawa’s different creative histories richly combine in their joint practice to provide forward thinking ideas.  Individually their practices draw many parallels; both artists are experts in bold use of colour, pattern, form and structure.  The duo design and produce unique sculptures and art installations, which are eye-catching, dynamic, and have intricate detail. Their shared interest in modern materials and constantly exploring new method’s of manipulating them, makes their work truly innovative and contemporary.

In the public space, Tsai & Yoshikawa’s distinctive sculptural interventions explore classical notions of colour, shape and form derived from nature onto post-industrial materials starting with glass and metal to more cutting-edge Neoprene, Jesmonite, fibreglass, Perspex, UV pigments and black light. Subjected to new treatments and techniques, each material shows its specific characteristics and allows the artist duo to compose a playful rhythm between form and void. Together with marvelling qualities in surface and texture like fluorescence and mirroring, each work stands as a complex and suspenseful environment on its own.

Tsai and Yoshikawa continue to work on diverse projects with councils, organizations, museums, architects, private companies and clients, for both permanent and temporary site-specific art commission for indoor and outdoor spaces.  Every piece of commissioned artwork is created specifically to a brief and purposely for a particular space.

Alongside creating their collaborative artwork, Hsiao-Chi Tsai and Kimiya Yoshikawa are continually developing their personal design and art practices.

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