Hsiao-Chi Tsai is based in London and works and exhibits internationally.

Combining both hand and industrial methods, Tsai has developed innovative processes that transform flat materials into organic sculptural pieces. Tsai’s unique approach of using non-textile materials such as, foam, Perspex and sheet metal, combined with a strong textile aesthetic to create large-scale intricate sculptures, has won her impressive site-specific commissions.

Tsai was born in 1981 in Hsin-Chu City, Taiwan, where she first expressed her artistic talent through traditional Chinese painting and watercolour painting.  In 1999, she came to England to pursue her artistic career.  It was during her training that she discovered her passion for textiles.

Tsai gained her BA degree in Textile design in Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2004, after which she went on to the prestigious Royal College of Art in London 2004-2006 to study her MA in Mixed-media textiles, it was here that she discovered her talent for creating large-scale sculptural work.

In 2005, Tsai created ‘Chrysanthemums Falling’, a 3 by 5 meter sculptural wall hanging for Royal Botanic Kew Gardens in London.  In 2006, soon after graduating she was commissioned by London South Bank Centre to design and make a set for the Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer and Purcell Room for Poetry International Festival.

In 2007, she was approached by Harvey Nichols department store to create the whole scheme of 7 window displays.  It was this project in which she began collaborating with her long-term sculptor partner Kimiya Yoshikawa on large-scale commissions.

Tsai’s practice has tandem paths in both art and design, alongside creating site-specific sculptural artworks; she also creates a range of luxury ready-to-wear sculptural accessories.  The accessory range has a couture line, these pieces are created to commission via one-on-one designer / client consultations and fittings. Her eye-catching pieces are for the confident and expressive modern woman.  The unashamed bold shapes belie the pieces surprising weightlessness and wearable finessed elegant finishes.  Tsai’s early pieces earned her a cult following of journalists, artists and ceramicists.